Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brain Cells and Nerves

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The nervous system is important because if we didn't have the nervous system we wouldn't be able to see, hear, feel, smell, or even taste. Our brains can help us do a lot of things for example: see. Without some parts of our nervous system or the nervous system at all we won't be able to see or even move our whole entire body! Our nervous system is basically electricity going through out our bodies and sends a key that's telling our body to move the hand or to move your feet. The messages that goes to your body is the electricity going through your spinal cord and to the body parts.

 Do you ever wonder why you move so quick when you touch something hot or when somebody scares you? Well that's because your brain is prepared for what ever is going to happen. Your brain is like electricity just like the way you turn a light on, it turns on without having to wait or anything.

 Have you ever wondered if you just received information in the inside of your body? Well you receive things from outside of your body with your senses. For example, when you see something bad happening or good happening that sends a message to the brain from inside but received from the outside, which tells your brain to relax or to freak out. It is just the same with hearing when you hear a loud noise you jump cause your brain received that maybe something bad is happening. And when you hear a small noise your brain kind of relaxes which means that you relax.

Another question you may ask is how do my muscles work with my nervous system? The nervous system can send a message to your muscles to either relax or to strengthen. One way the your nerves can tell your muscles to relax is when you have a stressful day or tiring day like at work. The time your nerves can tell you to work up is when you are working or running.

 I bet you also wonder how come your heart beats with out you telling it too? Well that's cause your brain is is telling it to beat with out you even telling your brain to tell your heart to beat, or your lungs to inhale air. Did you know that our body is working even when we  are asleep? That is because your brain like everyone Else's,it's involuntary. Involuntary means works on its own. Your hand moves up and down cause your brain is telling it to. But your heart beats by itself. Another example of involuntary is you brain; you don't need to tell your brain to work it just works. Now how does our brain work with the involuntary muscles? Occasionally our brain should know what we need day and night so, our brain will always tell the muscles that we need them so they will keep working. Think of all the things we would have to do if we didn't have involuntary muscles. Make our heart beat , tell our lungs to breath in air, and even noticing quick when somethings hot. So lets take a moment and say, "Thank you" to our brains.

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